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I live in a quiet neighborhood in North Wilmington, Delaware.

I have a small home based kennel where my dogs are pets first and foremost.  I am committed to breeding Goldens that can compete successfully in conformation, agility, and obedience.  My dogs are bred for health, beauty and the fabulous temperaments for which Goldens are famous.  They are truly my family.


A Little History

My first pet was a Golden Retriever, Erin.  She lived with me for almost 21 years which is unheard of, even my Vet could not believe it but he had all of her paperwork since 8 weeks old.  After Erin, all I wanted was more Golden Retrievers.  I began to show my goldens and realized I wanted a more European type.

After researching the breed on-line, I found and fell in love with the English style Golden Retrievers.  Until AKC recognized Golden Retrievers, in the 1920ís, the American and English Golden Retrievers were the same, but over the years the two standards have gradually changed in different ways, most notably the color.   Many call them English Cream Golden Retrievers, but in reality the English style can be any shade from cream to golden.   There are studies that indicate that the European Goldens might be genetically healthier than their American counterpart. According to these studies done by the Kennel Club in England and the Golden Retriever Club of America, the cancer rate in American Goldens is considerable greater than in English Goldens.



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